Better than Gordon Ramsay? Better than Snapped? Maybe. Destroyed in Seconds is one of those “YouTube on the small screen shows” that strings together clips of disasters and so on. But the disasters are all shot with great clarity, and the commentary is brief and informative. We watched a mini-marathon last night and it all began to blur together a bit (and we broke out in hives from anxiety) but stuff like a daylong fire at a Dutch fireworks factory or the Castle Bravo nuclear test in the Bikini Islands never lose their power to appall and amaze.

Most of the events on this show, if written into a comic book, would be utterly unbelievable. BUt they are all too real. Like this footage of the guy who spent 18 months turning a bulldozer into a Death Race 3000-like tank made of steel plates and concrete — which he then used to rampage against the people he thought had done him wrong.