Kodansha in the US confirmed

ICv@ reports a Japanese report that confirms all those rumors about Kodansha entering the US market. Japan’s highly respected Nikkei financial news service is reporting that Kodansha has set up a U.S. subsidiary “to publish and sell translations of its Japanese manga” in the U.S. starting in September. The reason for the move, according to […]

Inkwell Award winners

The winners of the Inkwell Awards, presented to the best in comic book inking, have been announced. Inking Legend Joe Sinnott won the first Joe Winnott Award, but I guess that’s why he’s a legend. 5000 votes were cast in the various categories. FAVORITE INKER (RETRO) TERRY AUSTIN (winner-tie) JOE SINNOTT (winner-tie) Tom Palmer (runner-up) […]

Dabels to adapt Jordan

The Dabel Brothers kust keep at it, despite bouncing from publisher to publisher like a ping pong ball, leaving a trail of late books behind them. This time its Robert Jorden’s very loooong but beloved WHEEL OF TIME series which they will be adapting. the Dabels will release the periodical versions and DEl REy will […]

Punisher: War Zone posters

Did you know there is ANOTHER Marvel movie coming out this year? It’s true! It’s called PUNISHER: WAR ZONE and it stars Ray Stevenson as the Punisher. Lionsgate sent out a bunch of promo posters yesterday and we picked the one we liked best, but have the other three small here. It was hard to […]

A little bit more on Chicago

Lots of rumors flying after this weekend’s Wizard World Chicago, but we need to track ’em down before rnning them. In the meantime, over at Comicmix, Rick Marshall provided excellent all-around coverage of the event, nailing the vibe and the seating chart: All things considered, the presence of Warren Ellis turned what would have been […]

Cheapskate Con-goers take up lots of hotel rooms

Despite being cheapskate chintzers who barely spend any money at all while in town for THE CON, there sure are a lot of them, a San Diego paper reports. And they pay a lot for hotel rooms: Rodeway Inn in Rancho Bernardo is completely booked from July 25-27, according to its Web site. Likewise, there’s […]

300 sequel fact or fiction?

News flooded out everywhere yesterday that Frank Miller is working on a graphic novel SEQUEL to 300, the pop culture phenomenon that added the cry “THIS IS SPARTA!” to the ranks of movie catchphrases for lunkheads. Zack Snyder wants to direct and Legendary is on board. While exciting news for fans of digitally enhanced abdominals, […]

Many links

§ Diablo 3? Oh dear god. § George Gene Gustines on original comics art prices: The art eventually stopped being discarded, and in the 1970s it generally became policy to return the covers and pages to the artists, many of whom began selling it to fans and collectors, who are hungry for it. Last month […]