Despite being cheapskate chintzers who barely spend any money at all while in town for THE CON, there sure are a lot of them, a San Diego paper reports. And they pay a lot for hotel rooms:

Rodeway Inn in Rancho Bernardo is completely booked from July 25-27, according to its Web site. Likewise, there’s no room at the Days Inn Oceanside at the Coast during that time.

On the other hand, the Holiday Inn in Rancho Bernardo is a comparative bargain, offering rooms starting from $180 per night during that period. But if you can wait a week, the cost drops to $136 a night.

At least, that’s the case now. As the convention approaches, the few rooms now available are likely to vanish.

Steven Johnson, a spokesman for the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, laughed when asked him if rooms would be scarce during Comic-Com.

“It’s our single highest occupancy in the entire year for hotels in San Diego County,” Johnson said. “The fact is, you can’t find a room in San Diego County.”

A 98 percent or greater room occupancy rate for the entire county is expected during the convention, expected to draw about 125,000, Johnson said.


  1. Admittedly many of them not downtown, but according to Expedia, “within San Diego county” there are currently 16 pages (375+) hotels and motels available for the Wednesday through Sunday of the Con, starting at $92.00. It would be interesting to check these figures again on, say, Monday 7/21.

    Obviously, the San Diego Convention & Visitors Center spokesman is going to be about as objective as say, a spokesperson for Marvel commenting on their sales. Not that there’s anything wrong with that: that’s their job. But I suspect a wee amount of padding the figures.

    Of course, I understand that the point of your post is to argue the point that we do spend a considerable amount of money in San Diego, which I don’t argue with.

  2. >Despite being cheapskate chintzers who barely spend any money at all while in town>
    I DO hope the vending machines are filled…