Lots of rumors flying after this weekend’s Wizard World Chicago, but we need to track ’em down before rnning them. In the meantime, over at Comicmix, Rick Marshall provided excellent all-around coverage of the event, nailing the vibe and the seating chart:

All things considered, the presence of Warren Ellis turned what would have been a completely forgettable show for attendees, retailers and publishers into an event with a few memorable moments. It felt like a bit of a let-down to attend the excellent Ellis Q&A on Friday night and then have nothing comparable for the remainder of the weekend. During last year’s show, the sneak peek at The Dark Knight occurred late in the programming schedule and provided a nice build-up event for the show — but that event was essentially a stroke of luck for event organizers, with nothing finalized with Warner Bros. until the morning on the day the panel occurred.

ComicMix also has a radio interview covering the show up, and the Spurge muses from on high. Warren Ellis’s Twitter posts are still the best approximation of Being There, however:

# i do not know why i am awake #
# i cannot feel most of my body. was onstage for 3.5 hrs last night. #
# insert fork in comickybook writer, for he is done for the day. And no, I cannot feel my arms, why do you ask? #
# Good people in the signing lines today, though. Many of them were even sober. #