Punisher Quad 1

Did you know there is ANOTHER Marvel movie coming out this year? It’s true! It’s called PUNISHER: WAR ZONE and it stars Ray Stevenson as the Punisher. Lionsgate sent out a bunch of promo posters yesterday and we picked the one we liked best, but have the other three small here. It was hard to choose just one!

The movie doesn’t come out until December, and it boasts an all-star line-up of “Hey! It’s that guys!” like Dominic West, Wayne Knight, Linus Lieberman, Dash Mihok and Colin Salmon. It’s also the first comic book movie to be directed by a woman, former kick-boxer Lexi Alexander. Is she the next Ida Lupino? Wait and see!
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  1. not a good trailer. please cut another one before you scare off the rest of the public.

    why cant they just shoot welcome back frank by garth ennis and get it over with?



  2. The trailer. Thanks for posting this. I’ll go, but I liked the first Punisher and I definitely liked that actor better. This one looks…
    I dunno…
    like a less classy Frank somehow.

    I do love Frank (especially Ennis’s version of him) ever so much.

    I’m sure it will be good fun, though.

  3. Dash Mihok’s in this movie? ROCK! I’ve started three different Dash Mihok Fan Clubs on Yahoo Groups in the past year to make room for Dash Mihok enthusiasts, or as we call ourselves; Dashmihoklics.

  4. Despite the trailer being a giant ‘blah’ to me, I’m still looking forward to this. I gave up trusting trailers years ago, good or bad. They say they’re aiming for Garth Ennis’s Punisher and I hope they deliver this time. The last one said it too and I didn’t see it. Another confusing bit is that they’re going for Ennis, but I read they’re using Microchip and Jigsaw. Microchip had a bit part in one Ennis story, but that’s it.

  5. I dunno about that turtle neck – it sort of makes Frank Castle look like a Sontaran reject from Doctor Who – and I was sure that’s what Dominic West’s Jigsaw would resemble.



  6. well I seen it now…online..{‘cos in the u.k. we get movies 6 weeks after the u.s. due to having to have the movies dubbed into dumb assed cock-er-ny “Gor blimey guv’nor its me-ery popppinz innit,scarpa” language!} BEST movie I seen in ages…beats RAMBO 4 for presence on the screen.MORE MORE MORE