News flooded out everywhere yesterday that Frank Miller is working on a graphic novel SEQUEL to 300, the pop culture phenomenon that added the cry “THIS IS SPARTA!” to the ranks of movie catchphrases for lunkheads. Zack Snyder wants to direct and Legendary is on board.
While exciting news for fans of digitally enhanced abdominals, this story isn’t as much of a slam dunk as it sounds. First off, didn’t everyone, like, DIE in 300?

Spinoffs of bloody actioners can prove challenging, especially when the main characters kick the bucket the first time out. Warners would surely like to cash in on “I Am Legend” again, but would have to find a way to deal with the fact that star Will Smith’s character died at the end. Producers tried to figure out how to revisit “Gladiator,” but they too were hampered by the fact that the star character, played by Russell Crowe, expired in the original. A second “Wanted” could also prove tricky for Universal given the violent deaths of so many characters.

A sequel to “Sex and the City,” by contrast, is theoretically easier to conjure on a creative level, although Warners and New Line could run into talent problems similar to the ones that delayed the original bigscreen adaptation.

Second, Cinematical looks at the sources of this rumor, and finds them wanting.

But honestly, I can’t believe the trades even ran this story. I mean no disrespect to Collider, as they ran it in the right context, but Variety is implying that this is on the verge of being filmed. Any 300 spin-off is entirely theoretical at this point, as it depends on a book that Frank Miller is only believed to be writing. No one even knows if he’s jotted an outline down, let alone what it will be about. I watched Collider’s interview with the aforementioned producers — and with all due respect, when asked point blank if they had been in contact with Miller, they didn’t answer. That doesn’t confirm a solid project. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest Miller hasn’t given it a second thought since the movie came out.

So this Frank Miller GN, though much wished for, may just be standing behind HOLY TERROR BATMAN in the queue of Miller projects. Which is a long one.

Finally, and most importantly, would any kind of 300 sequel be the same with dear, dear Gerard Butler and his amazing six-pack? Of course not. And yet DDGB himself does not know if he’ll ever be in fighting shape again. Sad but true. And James McAvoy just isn’t fit to wear DDGB’s codpiece, now or ever. Must we find a new burly Scotsman to bring ancient Sparta to grunting, sweaty life? The search is on!

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  1. Hopefully it’ll be a prequel.

    I can’t wait to see the road and canal building programs of Persian Emperor Darius I brought to the silver screen!

  2. Sigh. Why does every damn hit film need to be milked into a Franchise? Give us a Sin City 2 sequel instead. (The Goddamn Spirit doesn’t count. ) Never mind other bits of Miller’s library. Wasn’t Ronin supposed to be in the works? That was another one I liked. Live action Big Guy and Rust? Hard Boiled?

    A 300 sequel is a cheap and unimaginative idea by a bunch of greedy studio execs.