No hugs, no lessons

This old Donald Duck one-pager has been making the rounds lately. Or should we say, this Donald Goddamn Duck one pager. He shows them how it’s done. To our untrained eye it appears to have been drawn by Jack Hannah. Can anyone correct our woeful ignorance?


§ Tom Spurgeon interviews Charles Brownstein about the Gordon Lee win and other matters. Shortly after the calendar passed they contacted Paul Cadle and said they’d be willing to drop the case if Gordon wrote a letter of apology. Gordon was willing to do that from the start, and frankly, we’ve been saying all along […]

GTA IV end of life as we know it

The Beat’s temporary slowdown on blogging is not, as might be expected, because of the arrival of Grand Theft Auto IV, which will probably be the biggest grosser of the year, movie, book or game. However it must be said that the complete cultural victory by the geek/nerd/video game set is now assured. Admit it, […]

Scribefire, you almost did it.

As previously reported, we still haven’t found the blogging software of our dreams. However, Scribefire recently went to 2.0 and it’s sooooo close! More options, better interface, the blockquote tag finally closes. However, they added tabs and instead of adding newly blogged matter to the old tab, it now defaults to a new tab, defeating […]