Five of them!





  1. I like the Batarang poster best, followed by the Joker Glove Card Poster. Downhill to the Motorcycle Toy with Action Figure and finally, “Fox Mulder” with the uh (yawn) blurry campaign button. Interesting concepts though.

  2. Maybe by the fact that Harvey Dent will become scarred and turn to evil based on the actions of the principals involved?

  3. The best one is Dent’s, because his hand is just a little closer to the viewer, completely obscuring what will become the Two-Face half of his mug. If only he were holding a coin . . .

  4. “Wait! I have one! Er… they were designed by puppy-eating hobos who have a fetish for people holding small objects next to their faces! ”

    I didn’t know my brother did these.

  5. Good point karaokefanboy.

    A coin, scarred on the visible side, with Dent’s unscarred face still behind. Photo should not be blurry though. And maybe he is flipping the coin. Coin is seen, midair, right in position of his bad eye.

    I found that the other poster concepts were pretty good, and would decode well enough to the average moviegoer.

    Batman with Batarang; Dark, moody, cool gloved hand.

    Joker with Batman card, reminding me somehow of splash page of (Golden Age) Batman #5.

    Batman crashing out of a building, flying through the middle of the air on a motorcycle seems a bit over the top. Also makes the motorcycle more prominent than the rider

    And the Dent poster as it is now, the least obvious, the least accessible to the non-Batman viewer.
    Without his scarred face, this guy could be anyone, not even necessarily Dent.
    Guess that’s why I felt it was the weakest of the concepts.

    But like I said, they are interesting, some are just stronger than others.

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