As previously reported, we still haven’t found the blogging software of our dreams. However, Scribefire recently went to 2.0 and it’s sooooo close! More options, better interface, the blockquote tag finally closes. However, they added tabs and instead of adding newly blogged matter to the old tab, it now defaults to a new tab, defeating the entire purpose of being able to just hit “Blog to Scribefire” and save a page to a master entry. Sigh. So near yet so far.

Also, we’re busy as hell here with Secret Project #1 and Secret Project #2. We’re going to try to keep an eye on the big stuff, but we just can’t sweat the small stuff right now.

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  1. I started using ScribeFire thanks to you, which I am MOSTLY thankful for, but it is weird about some stuff. And something changed with 2.0 that I really hate, but now that you’ve posted this I can’t remember what it was!!!

    Anyway, it’s a work in progress and I think it is mostly making all of our lives better. The Technorati tags feature is pretty pimp, though I swear if I hit SAVE AS DRAFT it just goes life.

    Oh yeah… I also really hate that it doesn’t give you a little thingee to put your alt-title in when you add an image. The SEO gods are frowning.

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