beanworldThe big news coming out of Stumpown this weekend is that Larry Marder‘s resurgent Beanworld comics will be published by Dark Horse:

Steve Duin of the Oregonian did a nice write up of today’s panel–including the announcement above and includes the following summary:”Dark Horse plans to republish the first 21 issues of Tales of the Beanworld, possibly in deluxe hardcover editions, then deliver Marder’s new adventures sometime in early 2009. Diana Schutz will edit.”

I’m really very excited to be affiliated with Dark Horse. I’ve admired Mike Richardson and his crew from across the playing field for two decades and have always had the greatest admiration for the entire Dark Horse team.

Today I gave the first solo Beanworld panel presentation in over 15 years. It covered a lot of ground, and I’m almost certainly going to be giving it again at SD08. Also revealed was the name of the up-coming NEW graphic novel: “Remember HERE when you are THERE.”

More: Steve Duin in the Oregonian and an interview with Marder at CBR.


  1. Fear not: I understand Dark Horse will republish the first 21 issues in several formats, INCLUDING deluxe hardcovers. I should have made that more clear for Beanworld fans on a budget. My apologies.

  2. Multiple formats would be preferred, because I’m sick of Dark Horse slapping everything I’ve wanted to see reprinted for years into $50 hardcovers I’ll never end up actually buying.

  3. 1) Hardcovers are more durable, look nicer, and lend the medium some respect.
    2) Can’t afford full price? Try eBay or various online retailers. Or ask your friendly neighborhood library to acquire it, showing them various print and online reviews which sing the praises of one of the greatest comicbooks of the 1980s. (Yup, up there with Cerebus, Concrete, Love and Rockets…) If they don’t acquire it, then ask them to get it via InterLibrary Loan.
    3) The old trades aren’t THAT hard to find. (I recommend Milehighcomics has the single issues ON SALE.
    4) This work is worth a $50 hardcover. This was one of the first independent books I started reading when I grew bored with Marvel. (“Concrete” was the other.) It’s worth a $100 hardcover, just like Sandman is worth it.
    5) Graphic novel publishers are finally following the typical publishing business model: hardcover editions followed by trade editions. Which means you either wait another year for the trade, or hope to see it remaindered.

    Man, I can not WAIT to begin recommending this to people! So simple, yet makes you think and wonder! And after all these years, it’s still stuck in my imagination! Hoka hoka gunkledunk! Hoka hoka hey!

  4. @Steve Duin

    Thanks. The ideal format would be the mini softcover ominibi size used for Concrete and Love & Rockets.

    @Bill D.

    Preach it!

    @Torsten Adair

    1. That’s a matter of opinion. HC’s usually also wind up with torn dustcovers that don’t look good at all.

    2. And the SC’s will cost even less as well through those alternate sources. What’s your point?

    3. Beanworld Volume 4 was published in 1999, leaving five issues, five mini-comics and the Asylum strips never collected.

    4. That’s also a matter of opinion. It’s worth what people are willing to pay for it. Superfans may be willing to pay $50 for it, but casual buyers probably won’t be. Also, note how the “greatest comicbooks of the 1980s” you mentioned above are all available in reasonably priced softcover volumes and you don’t see the superfans protesting the lack of a hardcover.

    5. That may or may not be true, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  5. Actually, I did protest (politely) to Mike Richardson about Concrete not being available in hardcover. ESPECIALLY Think Like A Mountain, which should be in color.
    Aside from the rare historical collection (like Fantagraphics’ Mauldin slipcover), almost every title which has a deluxe edition is also available in an inexpensive edition as well.
    Yes, dustjackets get torn, which is why libraries encase them, or toss them. Trades suffer more abuse, and usually get sent off to the bindery before they fall apart.
    Larry Marder is one of the smartest persons in comics. Dark Horse knows the market. I am certain that there will be affordable trades at some point in the future, possibly even an omnibus volume.
    I really don’t care what format they use, I’m just so freaking happy that a lost treasure will be rediscovered! And that new work will be published! (kinda like a sprout butt caught on da first bounce!)

  6. I will happily register my displeasure with any and all hardcoveres. The truth is, they aren’t archival anymore. Booksellers will tell you that they “don’t make books like they used to” and I just hate reading hardcovers. They are needlessly bulkier, heavier and less fun.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: comics have made a huge mistake by moving away from cheap paper. The lower the price, the better. It started as a disposeable medium and it should stay that way. I know the artists feel it doesn’t show “respect,” but they’ll feel a lot less respect when pamphlets die and comix become a niche of the book publishing industry that make it a lot harder to get anything printed and only take complete graphic novels.

    If it’s good enough, it will get a trade. If it’s really good, you can sell your old art for a load on Ebay. Let the rest of us get it affordably.

    ALL THAT SAID… pumped that Beanworld is getting reprinted. Beanworld came out when I was still a kid in Kansas. I was subscribing to Comics Buyer’s Guide, so I’d read stuff about this crazy underground book, but I could never get my hands on it because we didn’t have a comic book shop in Southeast Kansas. I’ve often heard of it, but I’ve never read it.

  7. me 2

    Man, I’ve wanted to read the rest of Beanworld (and maybe even see it ended) ever since I managed to get ahold of the paperbacks a couple of years ago (I am that bit too young to remember the original comics). Right now I’m not really wanting to get hardcovers, but I’d be very happy with new paperback editions…

    And I know this prospect will give some people palpitations but maybe they’ll get a digest reprinting? I actually prefer that size for the b/w comics (colour comics, not so much).

    Anyway, Beanworld, one of the most unique comics, it rules, everyone read it, do it, I think it’ll fit right in with today’s cool indie comics, it definitely tickles the same part of my brain that enjoys Scott Pilgrim

  8. i have the whole set of beanworld all in sleeves, in near mint condition, and all signed and some of them doodled in by larry marder. any one know how much these are worth? im not sure if im willing to sell them just yet but possibly in the near future

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