Your daily Skrull

The Secret Invasion Hype Invasion continues with a trailer-like “webizode” featuring some vintage era Skrull artwork. Plus Marvel_B0y has some scurrilous, shocking gossip, and he’s now back to posting at night when we won’ get caught stealing internet bandwidth. Here’s the dark little secret that no one outside the office walls is talking about: Joe […]

Scrum Facts 3/28

§ CBR interviews Kazu Kibuishi who still has much to say about the process of making AMULET: Was it hard writing children characters? It was more difficult than I imagined it would be. Rather than pulling from my own recent life experiences, I had to try thinking about people who were just starting life and […]

You need this

Actually we used Duane Reade’s “Multi Eraser” knock-off, but either way, when your light switches are clean, you are clean. PS: Thursday is pretty anticlimactic without Lost. Sniff.

SLAM DUNK preview

Viz has a 32 page preview of Takehiro Inoue’s SLAM DUNK up to read. You should. Via John Jakala, who compares the current translation to the one from Gutsoon a few year’s back.

Do you want to work in comics?

Boom! Studios is looking for an editor: COMIC BOOK EDITOR WANTED! BOOM! Studios is looking for the right candidate to join our dynamic team of editors and cover some of our licensed properties. If you’re smart, organized, have a good sense of story and design, and excellent phone skills, live in Los Angeles and play […]

MySpace Comic Books relaunches

MySpace’s comic book page has just been revamped, with a new look and new mottos, such as the one at left, and a new commitment to daily updates and previews. Most of MySpace’s comics initiatives are spearheaded by Sam Humphries, a longtime comics insider who has been doing much behind the scenes. MySpace is an […]

There are no good knishes anymore in Crime Alley

A local politician in New York is eager to jump on the comics marketing bandwagon. Queens Councilman Hiram Monserrate wants to make “Gotham City” the official nickname of the Big Apple, which already seems to have a nickname but whatever. “I see that as a marketing tool, ‘Come visit the real Gotham City,’ taking advantage […]

Get well soon, Don Rosa

Several sources are reporting that cartoonist Don Rosa is recovering from surgery. Mike Gold at ComicMix writes: It probably goes without saying that an artist’s most significant tools are his eyes. People have figured out alternate ways of drawing, but they’ve got to see what they’re doing. So it is with great trepidation that we […]

A servant of the Secret Fire

Lovely Sir Ian McKellen often answers questions from fans on his webpage, and in his latest installment he all but promises that he will be back as Gandalf in the film version of the Hobbit. “I will, if Peter Jackson and I have anything to do with it, he being the producer and me being, […]