This has nothing directly to do with comics but this brilliant piece by Eric Alterman in The New Yorker is one of the best things we’ve ever read about the internet, and how internet news is changing not only how the publishing business is run, but how society processes information:

Taking its place, of course, is the Internet, which is about to pass newspapers as a source of political news for American readers. For young people, and for the most politically engaged, it has already done so. As early as May, 2004, newspapers had become the least preferred source for news among younger people. According to “Abandoning the News,” published by the Carnegie Corporation, thirty-nine per cent of respondents under the age of thirty-five told researchers that they expected to use the Internet in the future for news purposes; just eight per cent said that they would rely on a newspaper. It is a point of ironic injustice, perhaps, that when a reader surfs the Web in search of political news he frequently ends up at a site that is merely aggregating journalistic work that originated in a newspaper, but that fact is not likely to save any newspaper jobs or increase papers’ stock valuation.

We have a lot to say about it, but that should await a more suitable venue.

As economic morons, we were also interested in this piece by Peter Dreier in HuffPo which gives a longer historical context for the mortgage mess. We’d imagine a lot of people would disagree with his analysis. Like we said, we barely know how to put pennies in a jar, so it’s all voodoo to us.

Meanwhile, we had a nice time at the COMIC FOUNDRY party last night, and the new issues looks amaz-o! We didn’t take any pictures, but plenty o’ other folk did and hopefully they will be showing up online. Seen around, Yuku Shimizu, Ben Trinh of Rabid Rabbit, Rocketship’s Alex Cox, DC’s Alex Segura, Virgin Comics’ Michelle Gomes, Valerie D’Orazio, irrepressible Torsten Adair, and of course the stars of the night, Tim Leong and Laura Hudson. We surely are forgetting many people because our throat is sore from yapping too much.

Otherwise, we’re kinda tuckered out again and it’s a quiet week. In other news we’ve upgraded to the beta of Firefox 3, but it’s in beta and bookmarks behave oddly. Plus no “Copy as a Link.” We also started a Tumblog, but its not ready for public unveiling yet.

Plus, we decided we really like Hugo Montenegro.

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