Eraser Product
Actually we used Duane Reade’s “Multi Eraser” knock-off, but either way, when your light switches are clean, you are clean.

PS: Thursday is pretty anticlimactic without Lost. Sniff.


  1. Be careful when you use this product. It contains formaldehyde ( seriously) Be sure to wash your hands, or better yet, use gloves and THEN wash your hands.

  2. Al, thanks for your concern! Believe me, I am sure I am eating/drinking/snorting things that are bad for me under the guise of “health elixir” every day.

  3. It damn near took the paint off my walls when I was trying to get a boot scruff to vanish in my hallway. I guess it’s best to stick to white walls. Maybe it says that on the directions. I don’t know. Or maybe I shouldn’t have dipped it in paint thinner and gasoline beforehand.

  4. When the MacBook first came out, people were complaining that it became discolored around the keyboard area. I used a Magic Eraser on mine and it took the discoloration right off. Nice.

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