§ CBR interviews Kazu Kibuishi who still has much to say about the process of making AMULET:

Was it hard writing children characters? It was more difficult than I imagined it would be. Rather than pulling from my own recent life experiences, I had to try thinking about people who were just starting life and have yet to make major decisions that will affect their future. Basically, it was really difficult to put myself in the shoes of the ten year old me, since I had changed so much.


§ A full Comic Foundry party reports, complete with pictures. Conclusion: Jen (above) looks great but we need a stylist!

§ Tom Brevoort battles ennui:

I’ve been getting very sloppy with updating this blog these last few weeks. This is only my eleventh post this month. Part of the reason for that is obvious:I’m right in the middle of another massive crossover, so the amount of free time I have is minimal. But I think that part of it is also that it’s getting progressively harder to find new subjects to ramble on about every day. I’ve been pounding these keys for coming up on two years now, and that means that I’ve already covered a lot of diverse subjects. There’s only so many times anybody wants to hear me grumble about the same old things again and again.

Tom, Tom, when you are tired of blogging, you are tired of life.

§ He may just be Rafer Roberts of Plastic Farm to us, but to the local paper its Jefferson man pens full-length graphic novel.

§ Nerd mom strives to raise nerd kids:

The Girlchild was introduced to DC Comics characters early in life, when Mommy went a touch overboard in her Justice League Unlimited obsession. Girlchild was presented with a Supergirl Barbie and a Wonder Woman doll for her second birthday, and she bonded with the Barbie satisfactorily. She is enamored of all things Supergirl: clothing, stationery, ad yes, even floor mats. Living near a Six Flags, Supergirl items are even more readily available than they might normally be.

§ Lebanese officials had previously banned the PERSEPOLIS movie, but charged with being under the influence of Iranian imamsthey’ve reversed the decision.

The ban drew condemnation in many circles, with some saying it smacked of hypocrisy and showed that some within the government were kowtowing to Iran. Culture Minister Tareq Mitri said he saw no reason why the film should be banned and that he had urged the interior ministry to rescind its decision.

Image 6868200
§ Decatur has a real life vault of comics:

Zach Steele, owner of Wordsmiths Books in Decatur, did not know this colorful bit of geek trivia when he hit upon the idea of turning a former bank vault into his store’s new comic book room. And not just comics, but science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels and the popular Japanese genres anime and manga — they’re all inside the cool little room with the massive slab of metal for a door.

§ Dept of How’s that again? U.S. Census Bureau profiles MUTT AND JEFF

§ Has the tragic death of Heath Ledger sparked Joker-mania this summer?

§ Graphic novel program could become new major at Emerson College

Graphic novelist Andy Fish intends to find and teach his profession’s next generation in Emerson’s new Graphic Novel Writing and Illustration program, available through the Office of Professional Studies and Continued Education. Fish said the program could become a major if it succeeds. The classes will be offered through the Office of Professional Studies and Special Programs, a non-credit department that offers courses to gain a certificate in fields such as copy editing, performing arts administration, screen writing and now graphic novel writing and illustration.

§ Lyle Masaki profiles Six Gay Geeks.

§ WWE dive/Playmate can name check many Marvel characters.


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