The Secret Invasion Hype Invasion continues with a trailer-like “webizode” featuring some vintage era Skrull artwork.

Plus Marvel_B0y has some scurrilous, shocking gossip, and he’s now back to posting at night when we won’ get caught stealing internet bandwidth.

Here’s the dark little secret that no one outside the office walls is talking about: Joe Q is about two weeks away from getting fired. Not just shown the door but having it slammed so hard it knocks him on his ass. He can sing and dance about how much of a success OMD was as much as he wants but everyone knows he messed up. Both licensing and west coast are pissed and even people in editorial know it was a mistake. There have been at least three meetings in the last couple of weeks about how we can get Peter and MJ back.

Shock! Horror! Can it be true?


  1. not a word is true. Joe is doing good work up there and the people running the place know it. it’s b.s. all the way.


  2. I just read his blog a moment ago. Now he says a robot powered by the brain of the late Jack Kirby is going to clean up Omni City, I mean Marvel Editorial. All true.

  3. And Marvel B0y goes for the cheap pop.

    If Joe goes, he claims victory. If he stays, MB gets to go ‘they changed because of me…’

    That said, this post does stop the rumours that it’s Marvel marketing…

    Fun popcorn reading but utter bollocks.

  4. Does that video imply that Iron Man is a skrull? The invasion:success shots all appear to be occurring inside his helmet.

    This meshes horribly with his current though processes in Mighty Avengers but perhaps I’m simply expecting too much out of Marvel.

  5. Didn’t they say there would be an announcement on Tuesday. And what day is Tuesday? April 1st! So it’s safe to say that the whole thing is a joke.

  6. Marvel really is shell of it’s former self. The writing just isn’t there and I hate to say Joe Has something to do with this. I’m sure this is just a rumour or just another gimmick Quesada uses, but look at the fact that the #1 movie last year was Spider-man and his comic book is just terrible. THey promise stuff that never delievers and they quit the story by having the main character do something that’s totally against all he believes in. Even the clone saga seemed to eventually get to a point. Whose idea was Mephisto? Really?

    The sales seem to be slipping and Marvel’s the top dog, so when Quesada DOES go there won’t be much crying about it.

  7. The problem with ASM is that it just repeats the same issues (basically 1-38) over and over. Is it possible for writers to come up with a NEW idea?

    I mean they give us BND but all I hear is people talking about Mary Jane. I’m sure there has to be OTHER women in New York. They bring Harry back from the dead so Peter can have his best friend. OK…um I’ve been able to make several friends in my lifetime…why can’t better.

    The answer is lazy writing from the House of Excuses (and Fanboy Put-Downs).

    Make Mine DC.


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