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Lovely Sir Ian McKellen often answers questions from fans on his webpage, and in his latest installment he all but promises that he will be back as Gandalf in the film version of the Hobbit. “I will, if Peter Jackson and I have anything to do with it, he being the producer and me being, on the whole, a very lucky actor,” he writes.

That’s the good news. More problematic is Sir Ian’s interpretation of life in the undying lands:

Q: I have read lord of the rings and am enamoured by it. what do you think happens to gandalf once he leaves middle earth and goes to the grey havens? does he have someone to return to?

A: I had always supposed that the Grey Havens were an eternal life of some sort. But not even Tolkien would presume to anticipate what a Heaven is really like. As for companionship there, don’t forget that he takes Frodo and Bilbo with him and he loves hobbits. If you meant that there might be a Mrs Gandalf or a civil partner at the end of the journey who knows? But I doubt it.

While we share Sir Ian’s doubts about Civil Partnerships in Valinor, he should have pointed out that Gandalf is Maiar, an angellic spirit and a servant of Manwe and Eru.

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  1. Harrumph!!

    Sir Ian doubts Gandalf, in specific, has a civil partner in Grey Havens.

    He did NOT say he doubts civil partnerships exist there.

    Harrumph harrumph.

    (Adam and I watched all the RINGS movies at the Alpine Theater in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. During the scene in the boat where Sam weeps and swears his loyalty to semi-conscious Frodo, two highschool girls cried, “SO KISS HIM!! KISS HIM AWREADY!!” If Bay Ridge believes it, so do I.)

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