Mcb R2 07MySpace’s comic book page has just been revamped, with a new look and new mottos, such as the one at left, and a new commitment to daily updates and previews. Most of MySpace’s comics initiatives are spearheaded by Sam Humphries, a longtime comics insider who has been doing much behind the scenes. MySpace is an increasingly important promotional tool for many comics companies, from Dark Horse’s DARK HORSE PRESENTS comics to Boom’s controversial previews. The blog post announcing the upgrade could serve as a comics stump speech:

Anyone who says comic books are not cool, vital, and popular forms of entertainment today only has to type into their browser to see that it simply isn’t true. Whether you love comics, manga, graphic novels, or all of the above: YOU prove the haters and the doubters wrong, every day, just by being who you are.

One of the MySpace features is the return of Cup O’ Joe, in which Jim McLauchlin interviews Joe Quesada. Making his return to monthly pronouncements, Joe Q is in fine form, as in this response to Grant Morrison‘s promise to “kick their [Marvel’s] ass so hard.”

I thought it was great because for the longest time I’ve been wondering if those guys across town had a pulse. [Laughs] Seriously, at least Grant is trying to stir it up and make some noise, which I think is very healthy for our industry. I love mixing it up with DC, so let’s get in the trenches, let’s get muddy, let’s have some fun, and let’s sell some books! Everyone wins!

That said, the one place where I would take exception to Grant’s comments were when he tried to downplay Secret Invasion and it’s importance simply because it’s a story with Skrulls in it and we’ve seen Skrulls before. This kind of comment is a bit hard to swallow from a guy who’s writing an event with the word “Crisis” in it-I kid, I kid!

We’ve seen DC’s universes split and reunite before, haven’t we? Do you think we might just see different versions of our DC favorite characters? Will there be a key life-and/or-death moment with the Flash? The answer is probably “yes” to all those questions. But I don’t believe that Grant’s Final Crisis will be redundant simply because it has the word “Crisis” in it and “promises to change everything.” I give Grant a lot more credit than that, and expect that he’ll blow everyone away and not give us something we’ve seen before, or at least take what’s happened before and turn it totally on its ear to give us a new take on it. He also has the brilliant J.G. Jones doing the art, so it’s going to look fantastic.


  1. Wow…that is horrible. Just one jumbled mess. One of the many reasons Myspace is going down. They havent spent one dollar on improving it. What a joke.

  2. At least it’s beginning to generate increasingly original content. The previous daily re-feed of CBR content wasn’t all that original. Now, it’s jumbled, but there’s at least a mix of things going on there.

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