Marvel Month-to-Month Sales – February 2008

By Paul O’Brien After the chaos of the January chart, we’re back to normal in February. And it’s a pretty quiet month. For Marvel, this is a lull between crossovers. We’ve had the Spider-Man relaunch, we’ve had “Messiah Complex”, WORLD WAR HULK is way in the past, and SECRET INVASION isn’t here yet. However, we […]

Levitz vs Jakala

Hey it’s Paul Fridays! as DC head honcho Paul Levitz begins blogging at Blogorama. Another interesting phenomenon is the difference in concentration between three types of graphic novels; manga, the strongest category in bookstores, seems increasingly dominated by a handful of properties; literary graphic novels (about 5% of bookstore sales and less in comic shops), […]

Superman decision fall out

Okay a few links to tide you over. Jeff Trexler continue his coverage of the case with a FAQ and an explanation of why DC isn’t “doomed.” Comics Should Be Good! has an FAQ written in non legalese, and and interview with copyright attorney Brendan McFeely: Despite the Court’s explicit ruling, several factors remain in […]


Sadly, we’re under the weather and can’t summon the energy to cover the huge Superman/Siegel estate copyright decision. It’s very frustrating because we have a lot to say,but need the energy and clarity to say it. So, apologies.

Siegels awarded Superman rights

In a stunning decision, the heirs of Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman, have been granted the copyright to Action Comics Vol. 1. Jeff Trexler has more links and details. The concluding paragraph of the court decision is worth quoting in it’s entirety. After seventy years, Jerome Siegel’s heirs regain what he granted so long ago […]

This SATURDAY: Kids Comic Con 2008

The second annual Kids Comic Con is taking place this weekend at the Bronx Community College: KIDS’ COMIC CON 2008 will feature: 1) professional artists and publishers from the field of kids comics! 2) a huge variety of kids’ comics’ exhibitions, workshops, panels, and signings, aimed at kids, parents, and educators. All in one day, […]

The fate of Occidental comics

[This post was supposed to come up immediately after the rise of the manga one, but then all hell broke loose.] Despite the huge huge market for manga and things manga right now, comics shops, by and large haven’t been able to sell them or capitalize on the boom. While Naruto sells in Watchmen-like numbers […]

The rise of the manga

This is the moment of manga. I mean, I know you all knew that, but it’s not just a fast growing comic book category; when people look back at Aught Nostalgia, this well be remembered as the Manga Decade. Or at least that’s what our link round up tells us: Let us being with Chris […]

Robin Enrico in the Daily News

Brooklyn’s indie cartooner Robin Enrico is profiled in the Ny Daily News: With thoughtful and believable dialogue, eye-popping visual elements, simple character designs, and influences ranging from graffiti art to candy packaging, his comics are some of the most stunning artwork available in the mini-comics industry. Although his work is not really autobiographical, Enrico draws […]