Img 2008 03 27 Amd JambandBrooklyn’s indie cartooner Robin Enrico is profiled in the Ny Daily News:

With thoughtful and believable dialogue, eye-popping visual elements, simple character designs, and influences ranging from graffiti art to candy packaging, his comics are some of the most stunning artwork available in the mini-comics industry. Although his work is not really autobiographical, Enrico draws from real-life experiences in his comics, which range from his video game addiction in “Controller,” to relationship drama in “Stupid and Unkind” and “Jam in the Band.”

Enrico writes “it’s part of an interview series they have been doing with indie cartoonist. Last week focused on Monica Gallagher and next week should be an interview with MK Reed.”
Please note, this is not a dream, nor a hoax, not an imaginary story. We have reached the point in the cultural assimilation of comics that you don’t have to be Frank Miller or Jim Lee to get interviewed in one of the most famous daily newspapers in the world. You can be a hard working, talented indie creator whose biggest public exposure previously was probably sitting behind a table at MoCCA.

Congrats to Robin on the great coverage. We’re living in a world even The Beat could never have imagined.


  1. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Robin’s comics ever since I read the first part of Stupid and Unkind. I think I’ve reread it more times than any other mini. I can’t wait to get my hands on the full Jam in the Band!

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