Kcc LogoThe second annual Kids Comic Con is taking place this weekend at the Bronx Community College:

KIDS’ COMIC CON 2008 will feature:

1) professional artists and publishers from the field of kids comics!

2) a huge variety of kids’ comics’ exhibitions, workshops, panels, and signings, aimed at kids, parents, and educators.

All in one day, March 29, 2008, from 10 AM to 6 PM!

Artists on hand include Kyle Baker, Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman, Kevin Pyle and many more. Check it out!


  1. I got there late and apparently missed most of the fun (at any rate, I missed the panels I wanted to peek in on). But I did get in some time meeting other professionals, self-published artists with brilliant marketing ideas, and had a chance to talk with nice folks like Gina Gagliano from First Second and Jim Salicrup from Papercutz & MoCCA, who wowed me with a look at Papercutz’s Classics Illustrated edition of The Wind in the Willows ( ::jealous:: ). I wasn’t really seeing the energy of the event from my narrow perspective, so it’s great to hear that kids had a nice experience there, or came away from the event with a positive feeling about comics. I’d like to get more involved in 2009.

  2. Official Press Release:
    March 21st 2008
    CDC NewsWire, NJ

    NaniTales Debut A Success At Kids Comic Con 2008

    March 29th — Crazee Comics Founder, Samuel Vera made an appearance at the 2nd Annual Kids Comic Con to promote his newest endeavor “Nani-Tales”. This is the first in a series of children’s books by Mr. Vera and a first at the KCC. The series not only attracted the attention of the children at the event, it also caught the interest of the media. The event became a huge success with regard to press as News12 Network, Cablevisions Neighborhood Journal and a Family oriented magazine conducted interviews of Samuel Vera.

    The anxiety leading up to this event was enormous and nothing could prepare me for the amount of attention my company and book received. I hope to see more events for children like Kids Comic Con and will continue to put out product for children and all age readers. – Samuel Vera Crazee Comics Media

    About Crazee Comics:
    An independent publisher of Comic Books and Picture Books. Formed in 2003 by Samuel Vera, who is also the creator of titles like Forbidden, Cosmic Wars and There’s an Alien in my Toilet. Samuel Vera has made appearances on dozens of radio and television shows and has been featured in newspapers and magazines for his work in comics. Most recently Samuel has been featured on the Nationally Syndicated Television show American Latino TV.

    About News12 Network:
    Launched in June 1998, News 12 The Bronx is the exclusive 24-hour local news service dedicated to covering the Bronx borough. The cable exclusive service currently reaches approximately 260,000 homes in the Bronx on the Cablevision system. News 12 The Bronx is a part of News 12 Networks, the country’s first, largest, and most watched regional news network. News 12 Networks is owned and operated by Rainbow Holdings Incorporated.

    About Cablevisions Neighborhood Journal:
    Provided as an entertainment and information resource, Neighborhood Journal features the unique local stories that develop a sense of community within the area. Through field- and studio-based segments, our host introduces the viewer to the places, events, and people who make each of our communities feel like home.

    For more about Samuel Vera and Crazee Comics visit: http://www.crazeecomics.com
    Visit http://www.nanitales.com for Licensing Opportunities

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