This weekend: Austin — STAPLE!

But wait, there’s more! Austin, TX’s annual indie comics fest STAPLE! takes place at the Monarch Event Center this Saturday starting at 11. Guests include Eric Powell, Brian Wood, Danielle Corsetto, David Malki, Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub. Of course there will be both pre and post parties: As has become tradition the STAPLE! Pre-party […]

This Weekend: Sat. & Sun: SPACE!

The long running annual indie comics fest SPACE takes place this weekend in Columbus, OH. The entire guest list is up at the link but it includes special guest Dave Sim, along with Matt Dembicki, Matt Feazell, Jim Rugg, Carol Tyler, Steve Hamaker, Nate Powell, Frank Santoro and many many more. The show kicks off […]

Ming Doyle’s Lady Gotham

Okay, here’s a new one to rally behind: Ming Doyle’s treatment for the little discussedMartha Wayne. Much other good stuff at the site of this up-and-comer. [Thanks to Eric for the link.]

LOST: King Faraday

Yes, we know, it was a Desmond episode. But how to describe what happened to Desmond last night in a tease without giving anything away until after the spoilers (since people seem to be sensitive about those things)? Instead, we’ll give the pre-jump props to Daniel Faraday, the physicist who is now a lot more […]

The Best of ’07 courtesy of Dick Hyacinth

Dick Hyacinth has finally compiled the 100 best reviewed comics of last year using a weighted chart. There was a preliminary list, but this takes The Comics Journal picks into account. The top 10: 1. Exit Wounds (1085) 2. Shortcomings (941) 3. All Star Superman (908) 4. I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets (850) […]

Michael George trial: Day 1

The Macomb Daily reports on the first day of testimony in the trial of accused killer Michael George. Eight witnesses were called to weave a tale of George’s reported “weird” behavior surrounding the killing: Joyce Selke said Michael George, who once sold insurance, met with her and her husband about purchasing life insurance for about […]

The Alphabets of Desire 2nd printing soon available On-Sale Date

Todd Klein reports that a second printing of his print of “The Alphabets of Desire” by Alan Moore will soon be available. The second printing of “Alphabets of Desire” will go on sale at 1 PM Eastern Time, Thursday March 6th. This second printing of 500 differs from the first printing in two ways, as […]

Butler boards Black Freighter

Everyone has been very, very sad that dear, dear Gerard Butler didn’t end up with a role in WATCHMEN, although he and director Zack Snyder had professed their undying love for one another many times. However, all is not lost! Empire reports that Butler will voice the captain in an anime-style cartoon of “Tales of […]

The return of random universe, random links

§ Johnny Bacardi presents an entire Warren story by Archie Goodwin and Steve Ditko. § We had previously blanked on this fine report by Mike Cavallaro on life at the Deep Six Studio: The studio makes falling off somewhat difficult. Checking your email is likely to produce a sarcastic, “how’s that page comin’?” from across […]

More film and TV news

§ IGN has the new Iron Man Trailer in high def. § Should there be a VENTURE BROS. feature film? Hell yes! Really, the fact that one of the show’s creators, Jackson Publick, worked on both the animated and live-action offerings of The Tick should be enough. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. […]

Happy Leap Year!

We’re so excited we made a special glitter logo! Squee!