Marvel and Del Rey pacting?

You think it was spring the way folks are pacting up. A very big manga business deal is being announced today, but you’ll have to read Publishers Weekly daily for the scoop. In the meantime, a close reading of the NYAF programming schedule reveals….this: Del Rey & Marvel Comics Join Del Rey Manga and Marvel […]

This weekend — NEW YORK ANIME FEST!

We’re going to spend much of the next four days at the Javits center for the inaugural New York Anime Fest, kicking off today with Milton Griepp’s ICv2 Conference on Anime and Manga. This is a major event from Reed Exhibitions, which also puts on NY Comic-Con (and a sister company of PW, which hosts […]

One Less Wife

We haven’t read the issue ourselves, but in last week’s issue of SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #41, the money shot of the “One More Day” storyline was made clear: Basically Aunt May is critically ill (novelty plot device) and Mephisto (the Devil) offers to let her live is only Peter Parker and Mary Jane will ALLOW THEIR […]

Rucka to be a free agent

At his LJ, Greg Rucka casually mentioned he wouldn’t be upping his DC exclusive I was in LA on personal business the last two days, and I got to spend some time with my brother and his bride, and I got to see Andrew and Xtie, and that was good for the soul, especially opposite […]

It looks so smart when it’s in French

Via The Forbidden Planet International Blog, information on the “Official Selections” for Angouleme ’08. Next to the Official Selection (of which a full list and annotations can be found here in French and here in English), the festival presents its shortlist for the Prix du Patrimoine (again listed here on the official site in French […]

World without laughs as WGA strike drags on

The Colbert Report Writers: Sorry, Internet on Spotted at Neil Gaiman’s blog. God I miss Colbert and Stewart. BTW, was that the most boring season of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER or what? No one had any charisma but the coaches. George was the only one who acted like a professional. And this was definitely the […]