Supernerd Nicolas Cage is itching for some crossover action!

“I would love to have Ghost Rider drive onto a ‘Spider-Man’ set; that would be fun,” Nicolas Cage told us over the weekend, insisting that he’s eager to contribute to the cross-pollination of movie superheroes that has become all the rage. “A Marvel team-up? That could happen.”

While a GHOST RIDER sequel is seemingly in the works, there’s news of other Marvel movies guest stars — Samuel L. Jackson will appear in the Iron Man movie as Nick Fury and there’s reportedly an onscreen crossover between IRON MAN and HULK 2. What’s next? A Civil War movie?
Meanwhile, WANTED, based on the Mark Millar JG Jones comics, has moved from a spring release to a summer slot:

In making the date-change announcement, Nikki Rocco, Universal Pictures’ President of Distribution, stated, “After an early look at “Wanted”, we are certain that it fulfills its promise as a stunning, committed, thrilling, eye-popping vision that introduces a bold new narrative. We believe it can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the event titles of the summer and will give audiences a chance to discover a fresh new alternative. We are excited to date the film on June 27.”

On its new release date the crime saga will go up against Pixar’s Wall-E and the Tom Cruise WWII pic Valkyrie.


  1. Actually Spring 2008 is pretty crowded for theaters.
    Moving the film Wanted to a Summer slot is a smart move.
    Only a fool would crowd in on Speed Racer, Indiana Jones, Narnia 2, and Iron Man all in the SAME month! However, this new release slot isn’t all that safe… The Incredible Hulk will still be on screen two weeks earlier. (though nowadays “two weeks” is plenty of time to cool a movie).

    Two and three weeks after Wanted the new Hellboy and Batman film arrives. Seems they’re trying to set up in the “eye of the hurricane”. If they’re hoping to get some “legs” on this new time slot they are playing with fire. August /September would have been a better bet.

  2. More comic films that I won’t bother watching …

    If talented writers worked on these films, and untalented writers didn’t revise/rewrite the hell out of them, it could be interesting.

    I don’t understand why comic book movies can’t follow the James Bond format. BATMAN BEGINS did it successfully. If you MUST have two villains, make one villain the lead, and make the other a subordinant or another antagonist to the villain. Or why not two separate storylines that don’t require the two villains to meet?

    Rás Al Ghul/Scarecrow

    Well done.

    Riddler/Two Face

    NOT well done.