Spotted at Neil Gaiman’s blog. God I miss Colbert and Stewart.

BTW, was that the most boring season of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER or what? No one had any charisma but the coaches. George was the only one who acted like a professional. And this was definitely the most, er, “mentally challenged” cast yet. The two guys who wouldn’t train with Hughes? Look, I know Serra is the most loved coach ever, and Hughes is a dick/bully but come on – the chance to train with a great fighter? Why would you pass up a chance to maybe learn something?

OTOH, these two also sat around the house giggling like drunk schoolgirls. And then there was the “upper decker.” Poop pranks…bleah! Losers!

I never thought I’d say this but I missed Gabe Ruediger.


  1. I’ve been watching this about once an hour since yesterday. It is one of the internet’s, and the strike’s, greatest victories, if not over the producers, then at the very least over history.

  2. As I said elsewhere, I think the quality of the fighters this year was the worst yet. Only Speer seems to show any signs of being competitive in UFC. Hopefully the promised changes to the format will pay off. Surely Rampage as a coach (as is rumored) will also add some interest to the show.

  3. I miss Colbert and Stewart too. To think… with recent events they’d have so much material to draw upon for their shows! (Maybe the strike impasse is really put together by the Bush Administration so that Colbert and Stewart can’t make fun of them anymore!)

  4. And the season will actually be all for naught, since Serra is now injured and the Hughes/Serra fight is off (replaced by Hughes/St Pierre).