At his LJ, Greg Rucka casually mentioned he wouldn’t be upping his DC exclusive

I was in LA on personal business the last two days, and I got to spend some time with my brother and his bride, and I got to see Andrew and Xtie, and that was good for the soul, especially opposite the contortions I’ve been going through the last several weeks. I feel better. I’ve made some decisions. One of them is that I’m not renewing my exclusive with DC. Others less deserving of announcement at the moment, but of no less import to myself and my family.

This led to yet another commotion in the blogosphere. Wow, JMS and Rucka both sort of “speaking out” in two days. What happened to the happy family?

You know in this day and age — and we are NOT looking into Rucka’a mind here, just engaging in complete speculation — why would anyone with a spouse with health insurance want to be exclusive? Esp. someone in Rucka’s position. When new comics companies, some with fat bankrolls to be rapidly deplated, are springing up every month, it’s a good time to be a free agent if you have much on the ball. Of course, both Marvel and DC often allow creators to work on personal projects – an exclusive often means in practice, “Don’t work for the competition.”

Still, Rucka hasn’t been entirely silent on his discomfort with DC comics over the past year or so. Will anyone ever REALLY recover from 52?