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Crumbs find tape dispenser

2008 Eisner Judges Announced

(Via CBR) The 2008 Eisner Judges have been announced. (Please forgive my second-sourcing blog news items. I know it’s not the best netiquette but I’m just a guest-blogger?) a.i.

Speaking of Major Dailies

The LA Times’ Geoff Boucher on Marvel’s digital comics archive. a.i.

Speaking of (Wonder) Woman…

The NY Times profiles DC’s first ongoing woman writer for Wonder Woman – Gail Simone, who also started “Women in Refrigerators.” This (Women in Refrigerators) is a list I made when it occurred to me that it’s not that healthy to be a female character in comics. I’m curious to find out if this list […]

Women. (sigh)

Which came first, the thong or the asshole? Arguments for/against women being marketed for their looks are at least as old as Marisha Pessl. Second-wave feminism ebbed just in time for “computer technology” to give us “faceless egalitarianism.” So it should come as no surprise that there is a woman game programmer/producer who is being […]

Art for the Day: Boris Artzybasheff

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Thought for the day

Marvel month-to-month sales: October 2007

by Paul O’Brien Well, it was bound to happen eventually. DC were the number one publisher in the direct market in October – the first time they’ve been able to say that since May 2006. It’s close, mind you. The margin is 34.2% to 33.7% in dollar share, and 39% to 37% in unit share. […]

WGA Writer’s Strike: Slogan’s Heroes

The writers are still striking. Godspeed, o scribes! Nay the nectar of thine muse doth protest ill… An oldie but goodie: WIRED magazine blog points out the irony of WGA protest signs being so lame. They may be able to pen some of the most riveting dramas and hilarious comedies this side of the Atlantic, […]


Hey y’all. It’s Anne Ishii, previously of Vertical, guest-blogging for the next few days alongside Mark. I hope you had wonderful Thanksgivings. i.e. Not the kind where you go to the movies alone and then get sick on popcorn and your flask of plasticky bourbon, come home, and watch ten hours of Law&Order. [Having done […]

Photo Parade 11/26

Via Concedearte, these folks just got married! Don’t know who they are.

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READ: ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive

You can spend hours and hours and hours pouring through the wonders at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, a vast resource of information on and art by a who’s who of animation/comics/illustrations notables. In fact there’s even a Hall of Fame! Educate yourself. And support them. One reason? This archive of Gustaf Tenggren’s THE LITTLE TRAPPER […]

Thought for the day

Extra, Extra, Read all about it.

We don’t know if the movie will be any good, but, boy, you have to give the people behind THE DARK KNIGHT points for originality and thinking outside the box. Not sure when they went live, but a friend of ours pointed our browser to two more viral sites related to the upcoming Bat-Movie. The […]