The LA Times’ Geoff Boucher on Marvel’s digital comics archive.



  1. I was delighted to see the review, esp. since I’m thinking of having students use it in a class I’m teaching next year.

    But — as I’m about to write to Geoff Boucher — he’s way off base sounding the death knell for print comics; I don’t know a single grade-schooler who doesn’t read manga by the skipload. He’s thinking too narrowly if comics ends with superheroes.

  2. There are two solitudes about Manga. It is a comic or it is a manga.

    There seems to be a total disconnect about it. Is the market really that black and white?

    As in, defining a comic as either a superhero title; or not, therefore lumping manga into the “anything that is not a superhero” pile?

    Other entertainment media seems to be able to mix genres and get an audience. What has happened to comics?

    Hardening of the attitudes?