(Via CBR) The 2008 Eisner Judges have been announced.

(Please forgive my second-sourcing blog news items. I know it’s not the best netiquette but I’m just a guest-blogger?)


  1. It’s somewhat common in journalism. As long as you credit the source, provide the link, and not quote too much of the article, it’s okay.
    and I’m too lazy to search for this stuff, so I’m not complaining.

  2. > It seems like they never get actual cartoonists to judge these things.
    > Or am I mistaken?

    Steve Conley was a judge for the 2005 Eisners and John “Buzzboy” Gallagher was one for 2006, so it’s not as if they never get artists or cartoonists to serve…

  3. Psat Eisner judges who are artists or cartoonists include Conley, Gallagher, Lee Marrs, Charles Vess, Scott Shaw!, Michael T. Gilbert, Janet Hetherington, and Steve Bissette. In other years the creative representatives have been comics writers or editors, such as Tony Isabella, Anina Bennett, Jesse McCann, Meloney Crawford Chadwick, Tom DeHaven, and Chris Reilly. Keep in mind that anyone who is a judge has to disqualify his or her own work, which leaves out most current working professionals.

    Jackie Estrada
    Eisner Awards Administrator

  4. We’re going to need a “posted by [name]” byline up under the headline or something to tell you guys apart.