1. Does it represent the sexism coming to light in the video game world, wherein the monster being the unpleaseantness of it all capturing the woman, and all of it mirrors the sexism involved in the comics industry? An unfortunate situation repeating itself? That’s a cool find. Also a very cool picture.

  2. I think that cover shows us that big busty blondes everywhere can get whatever they want.

    Obviously a gladatorial arena, it appears she is the only one able to convince the slavemasters to give her both a weapon AND a jetpack. Of course, she had to agree to agree to wear the lingerie and high heels as well. ;)

  3. You know Michael, its funny, where you saw a slave, I saw an independent space exploring woman striving to make her own, no matter what the purple two headed potential rapists of the world say! You say she should be happy that she got her own gun? I say why does she need to use in the first place! REVOLUTION, MY FRIENDS, IS NIGH!

  4. Tis true Alex and rich. I think the voluptuous one is mistaken, for the mutated Barneys seem to be more in shock than an actual threat.

    Looks like he and his girl were practicing cheerleading or for Dancing with the Stars. And the one in the background is only screaming, “Why!?! I thought we were gonna perform the triple backflip maneuver!”.