Operation: BREAKFAST — Success!

We made it! And so did graphic novels! This morning’s “Think Future” graphic novel panel seemed to have been a success — as one of the participants, I’ll have to let others decide the final verdict but from where I sat, it was worth getting up early for, and that’s the highest praise I can […]

Egmont US to open

From Publishers Lunch today, announcement of an American arm for Egmont. Following their discussion in August of plans for a US venture, the UK’s largest children’s book publisher Egmont has announced current group sales director Douglas Pocock will serve as evp of Egmont US, which will start up next year and launch its first list […]

Dabel Brothers sign with Del Rey

You cannot stop the Dabel Brothers! Despite having been through Image, Alias, Devil’s Due and Red Eagle Entertianment and Marvel with their line of licensed fantasy comics, they are back at the biggest house yet: Del Rey. Dabel Brothers Publishing and Del Rey, an imprint of Ballantine Books, have announced a new agreement for distribution […]

Marvel DCU reax

After a few glitches, like a site crash, Marvel’s comics online program — Digital Comics Unlimited or DCU– rolled out yesterday. While that name DCU keeps reminding us of something else, although we can’t remember just what, generally speaking, we’re thrilled, because it means more books we were keeping around for reference can now be […]

Profiling with DMZ

This link from the blog of Scott King, Executive Editor of Th3rd World Studios, has been getting some play. It seems King had a run in with the TSA after doing some things you shouldn’t do at airports. King admits he hadn’t flown since 9/11, and was out of the loop on how seriously they […]

Spanish cartoonists GUILTY!

Do you remember the Spanish cartoon controversy?. Of course you do. Two cartooners for the satirical Spanish cartoon magazine El Jueves were accused of making fun of the royal family with a cover which showed the crown prince having…relations, let’s say, with his wife. So you could say that they WERE making fun of the […]

News of the world

§ In Brazil, a five-year-old boy dressed as Spider-man went into a burning building to rescue an even younger tot. § The Sun, the UK’s most tabloidy tabloid, titles a story about convicted killer Ronald Castree ““My husband the sex monster.” § In Italy, they think Spider-man is REAL.

Astro Boy movie poster

Short Showing has the teaser poster and an interview with director Colin Brady: FS.net: Will this AstroBoy be aimed purely at kids or will it have a grungier, tougher aspect for older fans? (e.g. what rating are you going for?) We’re going for as hard PG as we can. Luckily robot violence is less disturbing […]

Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate’s death for me

The Beat‘s real life loved ones are under strict instructions should the Beat expire untimely: a portion of our ashes are to be clandestinely scattered at the Disneyland version of Pirates of the Caribbean. To be honest, we thought we were way daring and iconoclastic when we thought this up, but turns out we were […]