Short Showing has the teaser poster and an interview with director Colin Brady: Will this AstroBoy be aimed purely at kids or will it have a grungier, tougher aspect for older fans? (e.g. what rating are you going for?)
We’re going for as hard PG as we can. Luckily robot violence is less disturbing than humans fighting each other with guns.


  1. Nooooooooooo! That poster looks so crappy :(

    The CGI version at Sphinx’s link in the previous comment is more promising though— if they’re gonna remake it, they should go all out (and therefore make it easy for fans to distance the OG manga from the film if it’s a total stinker).

    I wonder if Fred Schodt is involved in this at all? Someone should ask him at his talk tonight in SF!

  2. I like the original look of Astro Boy better, with two legs and not with the legs molding into one. it makes him look like he isn’t very humanoid or that he looks like that all the time.