200711140106§ In Brazil, a five-year-old boy dressed as Spider-man went into a burning building to rescue an even younger tot.

§ The Sun, the UK’s most tabloidy tabloid, titles a story about convicted killer Ronald Castree ““My husband the sex monster.”

§ In Italy, they think Spider-man is REAL.


  1. Wow. My son and I caught the scene from Spider Man 2 last night where Peter goes into the burning building to save the little kid and now this story from Brazil. How synchronous!

  2. Now he wants to grow up and become a firefighter and save more lives? Let’s save this for the next time someone claims comics are a bad influence on kids.

  3. I think what startles me more is that the baby’s OWN MOTHER was too scared to go into the house and save HER OWN CHILD.

  4. That little 5-year-old is so cool. I want a T-shirt or a poster of him.
    I hope he gets some firefighter-type education soon, because if he’s already running into burning buildings, it couldn’t hurt to know danger signs relative to fire patterns, building architecture, etc.
    But if I had kids I would probably tell them not to run into burning buildings, myself.
    That poor baby’s mother, though…imagine all the self-loathing she’ll have now…

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