200711140021HOW TO CONNECT A RAZR V3xx TO ISYNC: It was high time for a cell phone, and because we refuse to buy a 1st Gen iPhone, we got something to hold us for a while, namely a Razr V3xx, which is 3g and unlike the original Razr you can hear people on it, so that’s an improvement right off the bat. Unfortunately, it is not supported by Mac. Luckily, intelligent people who do not work for Motorola or Apple have come to the rescue. The guy who created Python had to get a hack off an Italian board. We cannot speak to how to connect it in Leopard, but in Tiger, you go here, download the driver, and then put THE WHOLE FOLDER in your Library folder. Reboot. Connect via bluetooth as you would normally and tell it to Sync up. You will transfer contacts (although not all of them on our computer but that was probably our fault) BUT NOT CALENDAR INFO. Why? Because. Because there’s an iPhone out there somewhere.

RINGTONES: We like to make our own with Audion (Try anything from The Rites of Spring for an edgy feel), but you can get lots of free ringtones at Zedge, including the old school phone rings, which we prefer, and lots of dumb shit which will horrify people. Of course you could also just download this Bubble Bobble Ringtone and everyone will live happily ever after.


  1. Bubble Bobble! Them were the days when Baby Beat and Beat’s Mom dueled each other on the Amiga! One on the mouse, the other on the keyboard. Laughter meter registered 11! Humming ditty in the afterglow also 11! Baby Beat usually won. Nostalgia = 12.