Inside the Otaku Generation

A couple of announcements from the upcoming New York Anime Festival. First the announcement of a number of web guests, and also an ICv2 conference: Pop culture publishing and consulting company ICv2 has announced its first ICv2 Conference on Anime and Manga: “Inside the Otaku Generation” at New York Anime Festival (NYAF), the new event […]

Nate Fisher Speaks

Nate Fisher, the teacher in Eightball-Gate, has posted in our comment section, and in the interest of giving his comments equal prominence, here’s a link. While I’m well on my way in my effort to move on and I have mixed feelings about generating MORE press, I’d like to send out a note of thanks […]

News round-up

§ Some changes at the New York Comic-Con as Greg Topalian is promoted and BookExpo America director Lance Fensterman also takes over as NYCC show manager. § Amanda Fisher , owner of Muse Comics in Misssoula, Montana has been officially hired for the newly created role as ComicsPRO’s Communication Coordinator. § The writers of SUPERMAN […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits

§ Writer Peter David recently portrayed Sancho Panza in a community theater presentations of MAN OF LA MANCHA. That’s him, above. § Lewis Shiner on Jack Jackson’s historical comics. § 70 SCAD students complete comic books in 24 hours § 24 Comic Day in Columbia, MO § Marjane Satrapi interviewed in the NY Times: Are […]

Bruce Campbell news!

Mike Richardson and BRUCE CAMPBELL talk of many things at an Oregon appearance: Q. You each work in slightly different, though certainly overlapping, sectors of fandom. What have you learned from each other? BRUCE CAMPBELL: Well, I’ve learned that you’ve got to do comics and merchandising and everything else with your movies. It’s a better […]

Wonder Woman Day II – October 28th

The eagle-chested warrior will spearhead a benefit for victims of domestic violence, just like a hero should, and Octber 28th will be Wonder Woman day in portland, OR. Wonder Woman debuted in American comic books during World War II, and was the super-heroic star of a popular television series in the 1970s. Now, for the […]