§ Writer Peter David recently portrayed Sancho Panza in a community theater presentations of MAN OF LA MANCHA. That’s him, above.

§ Lewis Shiner on Jack Jackson’s historical comics.

§ 70 SCAD students complete comic books in 24 hours

§ 24 Comic Day in Columbia, MO

§ Marjane Satrapi interviewed in the NY Times:

Are you suggesting that veiling and unveiling women are equally reductive?

I disagree. We have to look at ourselves here also. Why do all the women get plastic surgery? Why? Why? Why should we look like some freaks with big lips that look like an anus? What is so sexy about that? What is sexy about having something that looks like a goose anus?

§ Valerie D’Orazio reviews the entire Minx line :

The short, big-headed, huge-eyed spunky protagonist with the bobbed hair. Where have I read this before? Just about in every Minx book I read.

Read the column for the surprise answer.

§ Brit visits New York in search of Spider-man. Didn’t he hear about the knishes?

§ Peanuts creator lonely, complex.

§ NY Times fashions music/comics Venn diagram.

§ Steve Niles’ picks for best cinematic vampires.


  1. How can you have the best movie vamps without Christopher Lee?

    He’s got Cruise on there for chrisakes…

    (I’d also add Paxton & Henriksen from Near Dark)