§ Some changes at the New York Comic-Con as Greg Topalian is promoted and BookExpo America director Lance Fensterman also takes over as NYCC show manager.

§ Amanda Fisher , owner of Muse Comics in Misssoula, Montana has been officially hired for the newly created role as ComicsPRO’s Communication Coordinator.

§ The writers of SUPERMAN RETURNS won’t return although Warners denies they are going for the “It never happened” version, ala HULK 2. One of the writers is working on a graphic novel!

§ Studio Tavicat has launched a new website.

§ Marvel editorial is having a moustache growing contest.


  1. I kind of like the “It never happened” thing. Getting bogged down in continuity has always been a big party pooper in comics, and movies. It’s fiction. Why can’t we lighten up and have some fun with it. Especially if the movies suck as bad as Hulk and Superman did. I wish they’d do it with Alien 3. That was the biggest movie let down of my life.

  2. There had been a post about the Superman/boy copyright dispute and it included a link to the discussion about terms that Warners and the Siegel’s and/or Schuster’s were pursuing, or something like that. In it I recall there was something about both parties wanting Bryan Singer deposed. I never found out what exactly the deal was with that (no idea why in a copyright suit who the director of the most recent movie is is an issue.) But could this be some sort of behind the scenes compromise? “Let me stay to direct the sequel and I’ll get new writers”…

  3. My mind is kind of blown from learning that Aubrey Sitterson’s a dude…

    Then again, I’m shallow at times.