The Scream Awards were taped this weekend and Shock Til You Drop has a mega photo gallery . We like the above one the most. The gang was all there: Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Robert Rodriguez, BRUCE, Krisanna Loken, etc etc. Neil Gaiman received a special Comic-Con Icon Award from Spike-TV and the San Diego Comic-Con.
The show airs Tuesday on Spike.


  1. Gaiman swears that if he takes that jacket off, no one recognizes him. Good for him, though. I’m glad he took part in it. It’s a really good thing that Spike is helping bring comics into the main stream. They should give one to Alan Moore next, but only if he’s willing to stop being so negative for two seconds, and show up to receive it.

  2. Alan Moore has his reasons for being “negative” especially when it comes to Hollywood – it’s odd that if someone doesn’t want to compromise their ideals or creations they’re labelled as being “negative”.

    Moore also doesn’t write or create for the “rock star” attention or awards (and I’m not saying that’s what Neil Gaiman is about, just that Moore is a more private person).

  3. “Alan Moore has his reasons for being “negative” especially when it comes to Hollywood”

    …but I’m not talking about Hollywood, or being a “rock star.” Don’t get me wrong. I love Alan Moore, but he does spend a lot of his time denouncing things. Sure he’s got his reasons to be pissed off. We all do, but after a while, we have to chose if we’re going to continue to be that way, or move on and embrace what it was that we loved all the time.

  4. I don’t think Alan Moore spends a lot of time denouncing things, rather it’s the comics newsmagazines, sites, and fans spending so much time discussing this when he does his “denouncing” that makes it appear as such. And while I’m sure Alan Moore doesn’t need me speculating on what his stands are, I’m going to guess that he has moved on, still loves the medium, but is not going to play the games you have to play to be published by the big two.

  5. I think someone should spend less time listening to Rob Liefeld’s radically misinformed opinions of Moore (and any of the haters and gossip chasers) and more time thinking for himself.

    How did this turn into another debate about Alan Moore???

  6. Twenty years now.

    That particular jacket’s only eleven years old, though.

    And I bought the boots in Camden Town only a couple of months ago.

    I keep wanting to pronounce nerdlebrity as nerdle-brity, rather than nerd-lebrity, which might be what Ace was going for.