FoL Board Nominations open

LADIES! Here’s your chance to change the face of comics! Friends of Lulu is opening up nominations for board members. Nominate a friend! Nominate an enemy! 2007-2008 Friends of Lulu Board Nominations It’s time to nominate the best and brightest for the Lulu Board of Directors! Nominating and voting individuals to the board is one […]

To Do, 9/8 Brooklyn: Wood, Carey, Wimberley

This Saturday yet another of the legendary Rocketship events, this one spotlighting two new Vertigo books: Saturday, September 8th, at 8 pm, BRIAN WOOD will be signing the highly anticipated DMZ volume III, and musician/writer PERCY CAREY (aka M.F. GRIMM) will be signing his debut graphic memoir SENTENCES, along with artist RON WIMBERLY! A gallery […]

Baltimore Comic-Con dawns

Yay it’s Baltimore Comic-con weekend, taking place Sept. 8-9 at the Baltimore convention center! Guests include Sergio Aragones, Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Joe Kubert and MORE. § The Harvey Awards are tomorrow night! Sergio is the keynote speaker and Kyle Baker emcees. Should be good. § Mike Wieringo will be remembered. § Image Comics is […]

Sales Charts: 2006 Diamond figures

After a day of rest, we’re back to everyone’s favorite topic. Sales Charts! Crazy ass mofo that we are, we prefer to get nuts with actual data as opposed to making snide remarks to back up our own biases, so let’s begin! We had actually meant to dig up Diamond’s graphic novel bestseller list from […]

Ellison/Groth: The love is still strong

LIke a hand emerging from a freshly dug grave, enmity has arisen in the once thought settled Harlan Ellison/Fantagraphics lawsuit. The problem: the mediated settlement’s stricture that Ellison post a 500-word rebuttal by Groth on his (Ellison’s) website for 30 days. However, as Dirk pointed out yesterday, the statement has yet to be posted on […]

Interviews of note

§ Daily Cross Hatch continues chatting with Paul Gravett and Nick Bertozzi: Gravett: Exactly. And the point is, these characters—there’s nothing in Japan that’s been artificially kept alive this long, well past their sell by date, and this is one of the ways that manga has kept alert, saying, “what’s going on now in the […]

New Yorker Festival includes superheroes

Every fall the New Yorker Festival presents well heeled fans of fine literature the chance to see everyone from Jonathan Franzen to Jonathan Safran Foer, Steve Martin to Anthony Lane yak on about books and journalism and war and peace and so on. The complete schedule for this year’s fest, held from October 5-7, in […]

Bookmark: Comics Writing resources

Caleb Monroe has put together a page of online resources for would-be (and be) comics writers. Looks like an impressive amount of work went into it. Sample topics: WRITING FOR COMICS (GENERAL): The Craft – Alan Moore interviewed by Daniel Whiston Writing Comics (part 1, part 2 and part 3) by Warren Ellis Advice on […]

Yaoi Magazine planned

For those who can’t get enough boy’s love, there will soon be Yaoi Magazine, a new publication which will feature non-Japanese yaoi artists. It’s also billed as a “lifestyle magazine” and you can run with that one to the bank: When Ang Lee brought the world the love story between two cowboys in late 2005 […]