Caleb Monroe has put together a page of online resources for would-be (and be) comics writers. Looks like an impressive amount of work went into it. Sample topics:


The Craft – Alan Moore interviewed by Daniel Whiston
Writing Comics (part 1, part 2 and part 3) by Warren Ellis
Advice on Writing Comics and Breaking In by Brian K. Vaughan
Writing for comics by Kurt Busiek
Writing Comics – Warren Ellis interviewed by Neil Kleid
Writing comics by Mike Baron
Writer’s Style Guide by Christopher Priest
No Golden Biscuits (Breaking In) by Chuck Dixon
Comics Writing Fundamentals by Jennifer de Guzman
Script Writing by Alan Moore and Jeph Loeb
How 2 Rite Gud by Andy Mangels and Jonathan Clements
Comics Storytelling Tips That Work by John Freeman
Writing for Comics by Anina Bennett
Writing for Comic Books by Joe Edkin
Writing Comic Books by Barry Lyga

Bookmark it now — this is a treasure trove of information.


  1. Peter David’s Writing for Comics with Peter David is a mighty fine resource for comics writers. Published by Impact Books just last year, it’s one of our top-selling Impact books and available at comic book stores, bookstores and online book retailers everywhere.

  2. Very true, Greg! I picked it up after hearing Mr. David give a class on writing (which I enjoyed greatly) at WWLA this year. I included it in the store section of the resource page to make it easier for people to browse and potentialy buy.

    Thanks to everyone so far who has sent me resources I didn’t have yet. Keep ’em coming.