Every fall the New Yorker Festival presents well heeled fans of fine literature the chance to see everyone from Jonathan Franzen to Jonathan Safran Foer, Steve Martin to Anthony Lane yak on about books and journalism and war and peace and so on. The complete schedule for this year’s fest, held from October 5-7, in the above link, but at least one presentation on Sunday will speak to our world:

With Tim Kring, Jonathan Lethem, Mike Mignola, and Grant Morrison. Ben Greenman, moderator.
1 P.M. Highline Ballroom ($25)

There’s also a breakfast with New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff that day. Tickets go on sale next Saturday, 9/15, and be advised, they tend to sell out IMMEDIATELY.


  1. Nice. Too bad they killed New York Is Book Country. They had a good graphic novel emphasis towards the end.