Yay it’s Baltimore Comic-con weekend, taking place Sept. 8-9 at the Baltimore convention center!
Guests include Sergio Aragones, Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Joe Kubert and MORE.

§ The Harvey Awards are tomorrow night! Sergio is the keynote speaker and Kyle Baker emcees. Should be good.


§ Mike Wieringo will be remembered.

§ Image Comics is coming!

§ Lillian Baker will be selling her minicomic/legal comedy DRAMA A LA COCOA (Saturday afternoon only).

§ Top Cow is bringing First Born architect Ron Marz (Witchblade) along with rising artistic talents Kenneth Rocafort (Madame Mirage) and Michael Broussard (The Darkness).

Top Cow will also debut their Baltimore Comicon exclusive variant cover for Madame Mirage #2 by Kenneth Rocafort at the show. And finally, Top Cow will be holding a panel on Saturday at 3pm in “The Batcave” (Rooms 318-320) where they will unveil sneak peeks of upcoming titles and make some exclusive announcements. Every attendee will receive an exclusive gift just for attending.

§ Newsarama talks to organizer Marc Nathan:

Nathan: Yeah – it’s good news that it’s the Orioles, it brings a lot of people in to town, and everyone who’s frustrated about hotel rooms – thank your lucky stars it’s not the Ravens. This weekend, the Ravens are in Monday Night Football, and are on the road. Football fans in general are worse for us, because they don’t just take our hotels, they take our parking as well. They show up at five o’clock in the morning, and start roasting hot dogs. At least we got that.

The only thing that I’ve got to offer is that when you get downtown – you’re going to see this giant pit of construction next to the convention center – that will be a new hotel, very similar to what Shelton Drum has with the Weston in Charlotte – that will connect to the convention center, with hundreds and hundreds of additional rooms. They say it will be ready for fall of next year. “Fall” is really ambiguous…but again, we’re pushing our show back, so we’re hoping that we can be one of that hotel’s first conventions next year.

The Beat is missing Saturday and the Harveys due to a wedding, but will be on the scene Sunday, and for the Diamond Retailer Summit which begins on Monday. C U there!


  1. Hopefully, the glut of Sox fans will not be as bad as the Steelers fans a couple years ago.

    I also like the gimmick this year of naming the panel rooms. cute.

  2. I will be there Sunday, also. I won tickets for Sunday. I hope we hear some interesting things from the Retailer summit or from the con itself.

  3. shit, I can’t make it there this year. I’m stuck at home doing homework. It’s the last week of the semester, so there’s no chance. I totally forgot about the comicon, and it looks like a great one too. I’ve always wanted to meet Sergio.