Early WW Chi reports

WW Chi got underway last night with a special “Preview.” Foxy at MySpace has some pictures up. [Link via Comic Book Conventions.com. One of our spies on the ground reports on the “new” Knuckles, which has been turned into some kind of fancy schmancy fern bar: “The bar isn’t really configured for a bar-con and […]

Michael George saga continues

Lots more media coverage on the Michael George case including the accused murderer’s claims of innocence and the prosecutor’s claims that future wife Renee was an employee in the store where George is accused of having killed his first wife. George is fighting extradition from Pennsylvania to Michigan, according to reports. You can see some […]

More Jonathan Ross

Comics hero and boy’s love video star Jonathan Ross will soon be seen searching for Steve Ditko, and BBC4 is producing a 3-part documentary about the comics, from Beano to Judge Dredd, according to an article in The Guardian BBC4 is to explore the world of British comics in a new season of programmes that […]

300 tramples opposing DVDs

ICv2 updates the sales of the 300 DVD, which topped both the sales and rental charts. The 300 DVD sold over seven million units during its first week of release, seven times more than the cop comedy Hot Fuzz, which came in second during its debut week. 300 also topped the HD DVD and Blu-Ray […]

Paul Gravett at MoCCA on August 13th

The legendary Man at the Crossorad, Paul Gravett will be there. MUST! ATTEND! Cult Fiction: Comics as Art, Art as Comics In 1967, Salvador Dali predicted that comics would be the culture of the year 3794. As novels become graphic novels, as comics invade galleries and bookshops, as fine artists make comics and authors turn […]

Studio briefing: Thor, Punisher, Maintenance

Stardust helmer Matthew Vaughn has been tapped to direct Marvel’s THOR Variety reports. Vaughn was once slated to direct X-MEN 3 so he’s on a comic book tear; Mark Protosevich (“I Am Legend”) did the adaptation of the comicbook franchise that launched in 1962. Thor is a blonde-tressed, hammer-wielding hero who’s sent to Earth to […]

Dark Horse announces GANTZ

The ultra-violent but very popular manga GANTZ is coming out from Dark Horse. Googling for an image we found the above and other stuff that somehow tells us this one will cause a bit of…comment among the uninitiated. Inarguably the most highly demanded manga in the last half-decade, the enormously popular seinen manga series, GANTZ, […]

Platinum teams with iTaggit

Platinum teams with iTaggit, an online indexing system for collectors, and the result is a press release of even greater than normal vagueness. iTaggit, the leading social collecting and personal asset management service, today announced its partnership with Platinum Studios (http://www.platinumstudios.com/), an entertainment media company that controls one of the world’s largest independent libraries of […]

Virgin teams with Sony for MMORG

Another massive multiplayer online role playing game is in the works, this one based on the Indian-based Ramayan universe published by Virgin Comics. The Kama Sutra has GOT to figure in there somehow. Sony Online Entertainment has announced it is teaming up with Virgin comics to create an MMORPG based on the Indian-based Ramayan 3392 […]

Kibbles, bits

¶ New studio: Atomic Revolver as introduced by B. Clay Moore at CBR: Me, Tony Moore, Jeremy Haun, Jason Aaron, Jason Latour and Seth Peck. The main goal is to pool resources and brainwaves. We’ll be sharing a group blog and website, exhibiting together at cons, which most of us do already, collaborating on projects […]