200708100847ICv2 updates the sales of the 300 DVD, which topped both the sales and rental charts.

The 300 DVD sold over seven million units during its first week of release, seven times more than the cop comedy Hot Fuzz, which came in second during its debut week. 300 also topped the HD DVD and Blu-Ray sales charts with the Blu-Ray outselling the HD DVD disk by two-to-one. On the rental side 300 earned $11.9 million dwarfing Hot Fuzz’s second best total of $6.4 million.

The dvd release also impacted the sales of the graphic novel, which went from #90 to #19 on BookScan within four days of the release of the DVD.


  1. I just want to know who all these people are who can afford Blue-Ray players and discs?! I mean, I could see HD DVD selling well…it’s pretty affordable , especially in comparison to Blue-Ray.

  2. Now, if it only were a good movie . . . .

    As with Sin City, Frank Miller lets his interest in strong visuals get in the way of making a good movie. Everything in slow-motion does not a good movie make. Movies are not comics.

    I fear for the Spirit movie, as he is involved with that one as well.

  3. 300 on BluRay is actually than that of the HD version but then again, the HD version is a combo disc with the standard version the other side.

    And Hot Fuzz was only released on HD due to Universal being exclusive to HD. So there’s nothin that coulda been done about that. If Uni was smart tho, they should get rid of the exclusive and release on both.

    Both were awesome flicks btw. Well deserved.

  4. Frank Miller didn’t make 300; director Zack Snyder did. However, Miller is indeed writing and directing “Will Eisner’s The Spirit.”

    I thought “Sin City” was some kind of hybrid–a “momic” or a “coovie”–and I absolutely loved it. I found “300” to definitely be a movie, and I loved it as well.

  5. I’m going to back you up on that Jackie. 300 was a great movie. Everyone I know, who doesn’t read comics said they F’in loved it. It only seems to be comics fans and extreme leftist (and I’m not a fan of the extreme left or right, so don’t even think of jumping on me for saying that) that didn’t seem to like it, but what ya gonna do?