New studio: Atomic Revolver as introduced by B. Clay Moore at CBR:

Me, Tony Moore, Jeremy Haun, Jason Aaron, Jason Latour and Seth Peck. The main goal is to pool resources and brainwaves. We’ll be sharing a group blog and website, exhibiting together at cons, which most of us do already, collaborating on projects in various media, and leaning on each other for inspiration and creative guidance. This weekend, Tony, Jeremy and I will all be snuggled together in Artist’s Alley at Wizard World Chicago [tables 5500-5504], but we have plans for a massive con presence to “officially” launch down the road.

§ Bill Willingham interviewed at The A.V. Club on the origin of Fables:

I write the worst proposals for projects, in the history of writing, or proposals, or projects. They’re all a mess. There’s almost two things you have to do to work in the business. You have to be good at getting the job, and good at doing the job. I’ve never been good at getting the job. Just by the nature of the fact that I was involved in it, it was a disorganized mess. I would cringe to look at that original proposal now, but they seemed to like it. It caught on. Jeanette Kahn was still at DC at the time. She was on her way out as the publisher of DC, and heading to Hollywood. She got a look at the proposal at this early stage and said, “This could be a good movie property, so, yes, we’re accepting this.” The rest was history.

§ French teen arrested for making his own translation of Harry Potter

A French teenager suspected of posting his own complete translation of the latest Harry Potter book on the internet has been arrested. The 16-year-old, from the southern city of Aix-en-Provence, has been released but could face charges for violating intellectual property rights. The official French language version of the final book in the Potter series is scheduled for release on 26 October. Police have closed down the website it was found on and are investigating.

Link via Colleen who wonders if this will have a chilling effect on scanlations.

§ Chris Butcher talks lunch at a local food blog:

You’ve got $10 to buy lunch – where do you go?

Well if I’ve got $10 for lunch that means chances are I’m at work at The Beguiling in The Annex (just around the corner from Honest Ed’s!). 9 times out of 10, my lunch choice is hitting up Roti Palace (744 Bathurst Street) for a goat roti (spinach, no hot sauce) with an order of doubles. I love their roti, so much so that I usually have to avoid having it more than once per week – I’d hate to get sick of it!