Platinum teams with iTaggit, an online indexing system for collectors, and the result is a press release of even greater than normal vagueness.

iTaggit, the leading social collecting and personal asset management service, today announced its partnership with Platinum Studios (, an entertainment media company that controls one of the world’s largest independent libraries of comic book characters. As a result of the unique relationship, iTaggit is making significant additions to their site in an effort to further support an increasing user group of comic book fans and collectors alike.

A specific Platinum Studios category on iTaggit contains information on Platinum-owned titles, pertinent comic book industry information, and links to Platinum Studios’ stores and sites. Comic users are also able to import information from a Platinum Studios catalog containing background on current and feature releases for quick item adding into their collections.

“We’re already helping comic book collectors express their passion by facilitating organization of their collections, enabling research to assign value to their items, and encouraging discussion with other comic book fanatics through blogs and item comments,” said David Altounian, CEO of iTaggit. “Our partnership with Platinum, however, is allowing us to provide an enhanced user experience to better meet the needs of this quickly growing community.”

Additionally, the site empowers comic book collectors to use iTaggit to further ingrain themselves in their hobby by providing a place to:

* Find out about comic-related events

* Compete with other members for the best comic book collection on iTaggit

* Add other members’ comic books and related collectibles to their wishlist

* Create unique collections to set themselves apart from other comic collectors

Together, the two companies are also sponsoring the 2007 Comic Book Challenge, the comic book industry’s leading competition that invites aspiring creators to submit original comic book concepts in a head-to-head challenge for a multimedia development and publishing deal that includes multi-platform distribution, as well as the creation of a licensing and merchandising program.

“At Platinum, we focus on discovering new and untapped talent in the comic book industry,” said Hank Lambert, Vice President, Business Development at Platinum Studios. “Our partnership with iTaggit is a perfect pairing because together, we are providing individuals with continued opportunities, such as the Platinum Studios sponsored section on their site, to explore and share their excitement for comic books with other like-minded enthusiasts.”


  1. Okay, I’m not sure how this is supposed to benifit anyone. Maybe collectors of Platinum Studios comics and graphic novels might find this useful? I’m not sure why that would need a formal team-up between the two companies, thoiugh.

  2. iTaggit partnered wtih Platinum Studios to show our support for the comic community. Platinum Studios is making huge strides in the comic community and we want to be there to support that movement.