P1010045WW Chi got underway last night with a special “Preview.” Foxy at MySpace has some pictures up. [Link via Comic Book Conventions.com.

One of our spies on the ground reports on the “new” Knuckles, which has been turned into some kind of fancy schmancy fern bar: “The bar isn’t really configured for a bar-con and is much smaller. Basically, its a 3x version of the Sofitel and it was fairly dead (while being fairly full at the same time — a sad paradox).”

That’s it then. BarCon is dead.

Anyone else on the ground, please email or text us with reports!


  1. There is a GREAT Tiki Bar nearby that no one seems to know about. It’s called Hali Kahiki. Though it may not be attached to the convention center/hotel, it is a great place to have a drink… or 5.