SD07: The final countdown

This is it! The trilogy ends! SD07 Report III starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, Mike Myers, Tobey Maguire and Johnny Depp. Third time the charm! Third time bloated and off the track Third time not as good as it used to be. Third time looking old and fat. Friday night was another madhouse. There […]

WW Chi: Fangoria

FANGORIA COMICS will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago this weekend, August 9 thru 12, with a stellar line-up of comics and Hollywood talent! The crew attending will include: renowned actor Michael Madsen (RESERVOIR DOGS, KILL BILL, and co-creator of Fangoria Comics’ SHIFTER); film producer Patrick Durham (co-creator of SHIFTER; CABIN FEVER 2); actor Ari […]

Con talk back: David Glanzer responds

San Diego Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer sent a response to my epic post yesterday. I’m happy to post the whole thing — I think it is very informative and some of it clarified some things I’d long wondered about. In fact on one very important point, it directly contradicts what I wrote yesterday — and […]

Why is Robin kissing Superboy?

DirtbikeAcura RSX message boarders invade gay superhero film set and the results will make baby Jesus and Paul Levitz cry. Also, NSFW. I look down and see something that I wish I had never saw. Spider Man on his knees about to blow Venom!

Morning briefing: Gugino, Hulk

§ Sexy Carla Gugino will play Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre in WATCHMEN. Gugino will play Sally Jupiter, a burlesque dancer-turned-costumed heroine and sex symbol the Silk Spectre who is part of the Minutemen, a group of heroes who preceded the Watchmen. She also is the mother of the new Silk Spectre (Akerman). Sources said Gugino will […]

Mark Millar dishes

Speaking of Mark Millar, he’s reporting on his travels for Newsarama and his drinking tales are always amusing: 5:00pm: Dinner at a place called Kettners (also very posh) in Theatreland. But somebody at Marvel screwed up and lots of people either not invited or accidentally sent elsewhere. Dinner is now for SIX: Me, Joe, Bogie, […]

WW Chi: DC Comics

This Friday, members of the DC Comics staff and freelance community will be on hand for Wizard World Chicago. Writers and artists scheduled to attend the convention include: • Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, LOVELESS, DEATHBLOW) • Joe Benitez (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA) • Ryan Benjamin (GRIFTER AND MIDNIGHTER) • Jim Calafiore (COUNTDOWN) • Dennis Calero […]