But where is the hot new Editor in Chief? Speaking of BOOM! Word on the street is that Tom Fassbender, once of UglyTown Publishing, has joined the company. They are really ramping up!

BOOM! Studios announced the following signings at their booth (#548) during Wizard World Chicago 2007:

Friday 10-11am – TAG & TAG CURSED – Kody Chamberlain and Mike Leib
Friday 1-2pm – ZOMBIE TALES – Chris Moreno
Saturday 10-11am – TAG & TAG CURSED – Kody Chamberlain and Mike Leib

By the end of this summer, BOOM! will be offering a line of trade paperback graphic novels collecting their popular series, including TALENT, HERO SQUARED, DEATH VALLEY, X ISLE, and TAG featuring the illustration work of Kody Chamberlain along with ZOMBIE TALES featuring work by Chris Moreno.

Mike Leib’s TAG: CURSED, a follow-up to the hit Keith Giffen creation TAG, recently completed it’s five issue run.


  1. Hey, I noticed your tag regarding Fassbender. What happened to Uglytown? I’ve been out of the loop, but last I heard they were suspending publications until 2006. Did they just fold?