Well what have we here: A new comic book compant? This one is run by Gary Reed and Rafael Nieves and it’s called Transfuzion:

Two comic book veterans with extensive background in writing and publishing have announced Transfuzion Publishing, a new venture that launches in August 2007 publishing books and graphic novels.

Transfuzion Publishing was formed by Gary Reed, former publisher of Caliber Comics and writer of comics and graphic novels distributed by Caliber, Image, Desperado, Penguin, and Simon and Shuster, and Rafael Nieves who has been published by Marvel, Moonstone, Caliber, and Slave Labor and was involved in the publishing end for both Comico and Moonstone.

The company initially will release its titles for direct ordering and will not be offered for solicitation via Diamond Comic Distributors. Sales will be available from the various creators, from the Transfuzion website, and other avenues currently being set up.

“It’s a simple goal,” said Reed. “We think that there is a market for these books but the direct market is restrictive. From what I’m reading and hearing from retailers is that there is just too much product and of course, most of it designed around spandex. We think there are other avenues…whether libraries, schools, online retailers like Amazon, whatever.”

Transfuzion is not looking to bypass the direct market but as Reed explains, “the simple fact is that the books wouldn’t get a lot of support in the direct market and to be honest, we’re not in a position to provide them with a lot of support in terms of advertising, marketing, and other promotional venues. We’re not stupid. If any retailers or distributors want to carry out books, we’ll do everything that’s economically feasible to do so.”

The goal of Transfuzion was to enter the book field with a low cost starting point as the printing will rely on short runs, print on demand, webcomics, and other areas. Transfuzion is structured on the principle that it must prove itself in terms of production, sales, and demand before venturing into the more costly distribution of the direct market. Transfuzion has no plans on producing serial comics, only graphic novels, trades, and books. “We’re not ready to hit the direct market in the manner that it’s set up now,” said Nieves. “We may end up not being a large publisher but that’s okay. We just don’t have any desire to be another publisher that bellies up after a year or so.” Reed concurred, “the last thing I think the direct market wants is a bunch of collections of older edition comics which is essentially what we’re starting off with.”

Both Reed and Nieves were adamant about Transfuzion being an outlet but not something that they plan on being exclusive with. Nieves, who has a publishing history with Moonstone, sees Transfuzion as an opportunity outside of his regular work. “Over the years, I’ve had many requests to reprint some of my earlier work, much of which has not seen print in years. Transfuzion allows me that opportunity, finally, to re-present stuff that I’ve done, and repackage it in a format that makes it more… special, I guess is the word, without the constriction and restriction of newsstand or comic shop sales.” Reed said that while he will publish a great deal of information via Transfuzion, he will still seek other outlets. “I still have Deadworld with Desperado and I’m looking to place some projects with other publishers or do freelance work for hire, so Transfuzion is not my exclusive domain.”

The initial release from Transfuzion will be five titles in August 2007. Of Scenes and Stories, an anthology from Reed; Ghost Sonata, from Reed and Andy Bennett; Deadworld: Bits and Pieces, a collection of Deadworld stories from the long running series; Jack the Ripper, from Reed and Mark Bloodworth; and Saint Germaine: Tales of an Immortal which is the second trade of Saint Germaine from Reed with the first coming from Image Comics.

Future titles on the schedule include the complete collection of OZ from Arrow and Caliber which ran over 30 issues, Edgar Allen Poe’s The Bells from Nieves and Juan Gomez, Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, a nine issue set from Steve Jones and various artists, Ripper Legacy from Jim Alexander and Mark Bloodworth, Raven Chronicles- 15 issues from various creators, Disciples which was originally published by Image Comics, and many others.

Transfuzion will also collect and expand some of the Tome Press titles with likely targets being True Spy Stories, Zulu Nation, Mythology’s Mistresses, Book of the Tarot, Cortez, Jack London Stories, and others.

“We’re not having an official roll out at Wizard World Chicago,” said Reed, “but I will have the books at my Artist Alley table (#4712) so I’ll be there to discuss it as will Rafael who will be part of the Mob Rules contingent at tables #4110-4120). Reed said that he will also be giving away free comics on Saint Germaine and Deadworld so fans can get a preview of the graphic novel material.