Speaking of Mark Millar, he’s reporting on his travels for Newsarama and his drinking tales are always amusing:

5:00pm: Dinner at a place called Kettners (also very posh) in Theatreland. But somebody at Marvel screwed up and lots of people either not invited or accidentally sent elsewhere. Dinner is now for SIX: Me, Joe, Bogie, Barry Kitson and Adi and Tamsin Granov. Barry is a really nice bloke I’d never actually met before and full of good stories. Adi still looks uncomfortably like Le Chiffre from Casino Royale. Also, he’s from Eastern Europe and has those killer’s eyes everyone had in Hostel. He’s a great artist, but I feel human life means nothing to him. He would slip a screw-driver into your eye and munch a sandwich at the same time, just for kicks. It’s not his fault, though. It’s the way they’re raised over there, as Eli Roth taught us.